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Tom Pesch, born 1980

I am a self taught artist and filmmaker.

The artists that have influenced me most are Paul Klee, Jean Giraud, Mauno Hartman, Tarmo Koivisto, Andy Goldsworthy, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Andrei Tarkovski, Jean-Jacques Annaud, René Magritte, H.R. Giger, Aki Kaurismäki, Erik Larsen, Marc Silvestri, M.C. Escher and Joseph Beuys.

I have never held exhibitions of my works. I have never received any grants and I never attended any art or film schools.

I only publish my works on the Internet. I too am rather out than in.

The art world of today is a kind of industry. Curators act as supervisings officials. They have studied art history and therefore they are experts on the matter. They know what is good art. They make sure that the art that is displayed in galleries, museums and publications meets their standards. If an artist conforms to these standards, he or she might get awarded with a grant. Grants are like contracts, they are declarations that the artist is working dependably and that there is a demand for the artists works. Galleries are supermarkets. They are sterile, hygienic and white. They put their products neatly on display. People who visit galleries are consumers. They expect to get standardized products in standardized environments. After all, they are paying for it. The consumers are looking for something nice for their homes or just something that they might be able to profit from over time. Artists are factories. They attend art schools where they are taught to make art. They work on their style until it becomes instantly recognizable. They narrow down their product line in order to become more efficient. Over time and public exposition the artist and art become a brand. The brand is more important than the product.

Art is the end product. It comes out of the back end of the system and there's nothing to nourish us left in it. But we pay for it, we consume it. Because we can't think of an alternative.